3 Reasons why NYC is one of the Best Areas in the U.S. Start a Tech Business

In the past years, the focus for tech positions has been on Silicon Valley since many of the best and most well-known tech companies are located in this area. Therefore, the massive move to get these jobs has been a staple for quite some time now. However, as the demand increases, there are significant changes that beginning to become a barrier to the continuing growth. One of which is the high demand for space to live – even with the highest salaries in the industry. Therefore, as this picture begins to change drastically, there are other areas that scheduled to pick up this slack and that is another prime place for techies too. One of which is one of the most well-known for many different things and that is NYC. Having said this, here 3 great reasons why NYC is now one of the best areas to start a new tech business.


NYC Growing Faster


Though Silicon Valley is known for its astounding growth and great consumption of the best tech talent, the numbers for NYC is also growing by a phenomenal rate that tends to beat the high leverage that Silicon Valley has had over the years. According to various online credible news resources, the primary driving factor for these swift changes is NYC’s niche in the ‘hyphen tech” sector. With NYC’s reputation as the capital of self-fashioning and other well known coveted industries, Bayrock the tech companies are gearing up to capitalize on several subsectors including mediatech, fintech and fashiontech and other hyphen tech sectors.


One of the main benefits of NYC as being a great location to be is, that they are in the closest proximity to a wide range of different industry players, and they getting ready to service their growing needs. For instance, NYC is presently the headquarters for some of the top competitors in the world including Coach, Bloomingdale, and other global giants.



So, these new companies are now getting started to meet their demands by offering the major companies and corporations the added value that they can provide including same city commuting with the capability to design and build their new upcoming specialized product lines.



A Lot More Diverse Resources


In addition to being in the right place at the right time, NYC is also being marketed as the location that has the most opportunities for diversity in the tech industry. Tevfik Arif Doyen Unlike Silicon Valley, this is the area in the country that has the highest stats that indicate what their makeup consists of. As far as the color and the percentage of women, in the NYC area, the numbers are much more inherently diverse, With approximately 50% people of color and 40% women, the numbers for this area is so much higher. As a result, these NYC tech companies that support their areas will have a much better chance of beating industry standards. Specifically, as these numbers relate to the growth that it experiences in profitability when new tech businesses go public with their business and their make-up.


NYC – Known for Its Inherent Energy


NYC is one of the best places to be when it comes to the energy that it produces. Because the make-up of its overall population creates people with a lot more energy to be creative, the innovation that it exuberates can be greatly beneficial to the tech area too. NYC is also the headquarters for diversity since it is the place that has an abundance of talented workers that comes from international backgrounds. For instance, it is stated that 400 new companies can come out of Michael Bloomberg’s projects (i.e. NYC new engineering school).

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