Comfort Women Agreement Thought to Benefit Both Allies

To those who observed The state of affairs in Asia it’s apparent that the dilemma of the comfort women is still. Unfortunately, this problem is creeping into other issues about the relationship involving the states of Japan and South Korea. Observers will observe that although an agreement has been attained, before the matter is resolved a lot more must be done and the two countries can proceed with their alliance.


The agreement that was Reached took place. Many observers surprised. The simple fact is that’s the reason the arrangement took to be finalized and that the two sides were suspicious of one another. President Park of South Korea said that if Japan wanted to normalize relations between both countries again they would have to come to an agreement on the problem. People on the side and President Abe seemed frustrated by some people on the side appeared unwilling to put the matter behind them.


Japan took a large Step towards normalizing connections and coming to an agreement with this thorny issue. Abe said that he apologizes for the treatment of the comfort women. This statement shows he’s always prepared to apologize for it, and he’s ready to acknowledge Japanese soldiers’ participation in the saga. This openness was something that the South Koreans have been awaiting for quite a long time. Additionally, President Abe said that he’s currently pledging one billion yen towards the creation of a fund that will support women who have come forth with testimonies about how they were treated during the second world war by soldiers.


The two governments seemed Willing to put the matter behind them. They both agreed that it was permanent and that the agreement was closing. They said that they will refrain from criticizing each other and in other international forums. The South Korean government also stated they realize that Japan has concerns regarding the statue which was erected in front of the Japanese embassy in the capital of South Korea in commemoration of their comfort women testimonies.


This agreement was hailed by Observers and experts as a move. The problem has been something that’s been holding the two allies back from working on issues. Japan appears to be owning up to its role in the narrative, and South Korea seems willing to put the matter behind them. President Park was for moving ahead on this brave, although some people weren’t inclined to forgive Japan and in South Korea were against it. President Abe were proud to own up to their errors and was brave for coming out and accepting responsibility, although a few people in Japan were against it. Showed that both nations were divided about the deal, while others didn’t, and that people enjoyed it.


Since There’s opposition to The deal from those in both countries must move forward Possible, without dragging it on. It will continue to be a Sticking point both states will be held by that back. If it is not implemented and The results do not reveal, some people might stop supporting it.

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